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Rick Mareske – CommUniversity at UMKC

Beatnik Radio, during the month of January 2012 is brought to you by CommUniversity at UMKC.

Take a class, teach a class…CommUniversity.

Mr. Rick Mareske is the loosely titled CEO of the UMKC CommUniversity program.  Rick has been running the show for 32 years and knows a thing or two about how CommUniversity works.  Last Friday morning, before heading out for another round of catalog deliveries Rick and I had an amazing chat over coffee at Oddly Correct.

What you might hear:

  • The history of the Free University concept.  Starting with the early roots on the Berkeley College campus.
  • What kinds of classes are offered and how to sign up.
  • How to  sign up to teaching a class.
  • CONTEST TIME!  Leave a comment on this blog post.  You will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate good towards any CommUniversity class.
  • Rick and I get way off topic discussing the local music scene.

Thanks Rick!  And Thanks CommUniversity.

Listen to this episode of Beatnik Radio here. (release date Monday, Jan 9th)

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