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Joshua Gordon – From a job that doesn’t fit to doing your own thing.

joshua gordon

Joshua Gordon is an awesome dude.  A dude who quit a job that wasn’t a good fit to find his own way.

Step one: Quit.

Step two: Learn how to support a family of four on only $2000 a month.  The family story can be found here.

Step three: Help cool people do amazing things AKA Marketing Awesomeness.

The story that unfolds in-between is very inspiring.  From the “weekend of coolness and skulduggery” to the “thrashing around” period and finally the “hands in the air, forget this!” moment.  Josh made it through and shares his story with us.

Part one:  The story.

Part two(out next week): What can you learn from Josh’s story and how to apply it.

Listen to part one.

Keep it B.E.A.T.

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