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Rick Mareske – CommUniversity at UMKC

Beatnik Radio, during the month of January 2012 is brought to you by CommUniversity at UMKC.

Take a class, teach a class…CommUniversity.

Mr. Rick Mareske is the loosely titled CEO of the UMKC CommUniversity program.  Rick has been running the show for 32 years and knows a thing or two about how CommUniversity works.  Last Friday morning, before heading out for another round of catalog deliveries Rick and I had an amazing chat over coffee at Oddly Correct.

What you might hear:

  • The history of the Free University concept.  Starting with the early roots on the Berkeley College campus.
  • What kinds of classes are offered and how to sign up.
  • How to  sign up to teaching a class.
  • CONTEST TIME!  Leave a comment on this blog post.  You will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate good towards any CommUniversity class.
  • Rick and I get way off topic discussing the local music scene.

Thanks Rick!  And Thanks CommUniversity.

Listen to this episode of Beatnik Radio here. (release date Monday, Jan 9th)

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Nature’s Own Health Food Market – Beatnik Radio

Nature’s Own is under new ownership and in great hands.  Jeff (new owner) and Arwen (long-time employee in the vitamins and herbs section) dish out some serious advice on eating and living healthy.  We discuss a few of the local Kansas City products that they carry and Jeff gives some great advice on small business ownership.  Another great contest prize is waiting to be won.    http://www.facebook.com/naturesownhealth  http://www.naturesownmarket.com/

Listen to our chat over at iTunes

The contest:  In person or on the Nature’s Own Facebook page, suggest a local vendor or product that Nature’s Own currently does not carry.

The prize:  Two winners will receive a $25 gift card and free samples of the selected vendors product.

Beatnik Radio, keep it B.E.A.T.

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Dirtbag Arts, a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair.

Dirtbag Arts is an ongoing and ever-changing arts showcase in Kansas City.  Featuring a variety of different artists who cover a wide spectrum of artistic styles.  From dolls to custom woodworking to jewelry made from old skateboard decks.

One of a kind art is about all you will find at a Dirtbag Arts event.

Stay connected over at the Facebook.com/dirtbagarts page to receive information about the artists and upcoming events.

Dirtbag arts is a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair.

Learn more about and contact the artists below.

Listen to this special edition of Beatnik Radio.

First up: Brendan O’Shaughnessy from Lovesick Clothing, a men’s and women’s apparel company committed to the message of love and life.

For Love, Utterly Despised.

Next: Ali Bustos from a. whitwood.

A. Whitwood Studio is made up of thoughts and sub creations from the mind of a gal named Ali.

Based in Kansas City, Ali is a painter who is currently experimenting with fabric and the ways it can bring people joy.

She believes art is something that spills over into every part of life and is a connector piece between individuals.

Order your custom-made man-doll to look just like mom and dad.  Jr. will love having a realistic doll that looks like mom and dad.

Learn more at www.awhitwood.com

Next: Kendon McBee from KM Design.

 Kendon is a custom woodworker painting, refinishing and building custom furniture.

 There  is nothing new under the sun and Kendon’s mission is to reveal that which is already beautiful within existing pieces of wood.

And now: Kira Terry from Wooden Hands.

Creating more than just jewelry, specifically wearable art from old skateboard decks.  Bracelets, earrings and more.

Thrashed skateboard decks have a second life thanks to Kira.

Drill it out and polish it up.  A one of a kind piece of jewelry has been created.

Last: Amanda Crown.

You will have to hunt her down in the real world to get your hands on her art.  Perhaps at the next DirtBag Arts event.

Bags, aprons, scarfs and more made from colorful cloth and other materials.

Amanda’s art is proof that creativity can easily come from having limited options and boundarys.

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Thinking Big with Herb Sih from Think Big Partners and BizPerc

You have an business idea that will help and serve others.  You are passionate about it and work hard to make it successful.  Chasing your dream has become an obsession.  You are, for better or worse, an entrepreneur.

In your house or apartment, you have been working hard and making good progress.  Quickly, you realize that you can’t do it all alone.  You need others to help bring it all together and pull it off.  You need to meet the right people who can help you in the areas that you aren’t as gifted in.  You need a co-working incubator for serious entrepreneurs.

Herb Sih and his partners at Think Big couldn’t find the perfect co-working space, so they decided to create it.  Herb believes in the creative entrepreneur.  Bizperc and the Think Big Partners are always on the lookout for exciting new businesses to bring into the Bizperc space.  And the space?  …it’s amazing.

What you will hear.

  • How to Think BIG. (it’s an attitude)
  • Brainstorming and idea creation.
  • Meeting people, networking, collaborating.
  • The building and the view…stunning!
  • The contest, free giveaway… the first ten people to complete the (easy) task get a punch card for three free days at the Bizperc co-working office space. ($45 value)  Find out how to enter at the end of the podcast.

Listen to our chat on iTunes

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Book Keeping.  Personal and small business accounting, done.  He’s My Accountant!  -Derek

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Building and De-constructing a Robot Balloon with Brian Bustos – Beatnik Radio

Brian Bustos knows the feeling and has the cure.  When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s all up to you (but it doesn’t have to be).  You might quickly become a jack of all trades and a king of nothing.  Best described as more of a finder than a founder, an employee rather than a focused, specialized producer of great works.

Do what you set out to do – not everything but.

Brian and I chat about the struggles that new entrepreneurs face and how to manage those growing pains that come along with your hard work and success.  We chat about other fun things also…

  • How to stay focused on the work you do best and leave everything else in good hands.
  • Dirtbag Arts, a recurring event focused on local Kansas City artists (a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair).
  • The Brain hurricane, a super-secret underground Master Mind entrepreneurs group that Brian and I are members of.

Listen to our amazing chat on iTunes.

Speaking of staying focused and letting someone else take care of the other stuff…

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  Mr. Hoffman can be found at The Kansas City Accounting Firm.

Reach James here.  He’s My Accountant! – Derek

Who is next in the Beatnik Radio Book?

p.s. The Minimalists are coming to Kansas City!  Wednesday, Dec 7th at 7 pm.  This is a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair.  Stay tuned for a very exciting bonus Beatnik Radio interview with The Minimalists!

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