Become a Beatnik Booster

I would L.O.V.E. to introduce you to your next customer.

Rest easy at night knowing that your story is being told to people who care.

All of our Beatnik Radio listeners need the help of other businesses in order to keep the party going.  Lots of our listeners are small business owners themselves.  If you offer a service that small businesses owners need, bring it.  We are proud of our  little BIG Podcast and we are growing everyday.  Open up for the coolest show in town, this is your chance to show em’ what you’ve got.

Beatnik Radio Booster Options:

  • Second Chair Booster:  Booster must give away for free or offer a deep discount on goods and/or services.  This can be limited to the first X amount of people who contact you.  Discounts and offers to listeners are negotiable on a case by case basis depending on the nature and price of your goods and/or services.  Booster is mentioned at the end of the podcast.  Links to your website are hung at the bottom of each episodes blog post for the month.
  • Cost  —  $100 a month.
  • First Chair Booster:  Booster is mentioned at the beginning and end of the podcast.  Links to your website are hung at the bottom of any blog post uploaded during the month.  Booster is also thanked on Twitter & Facebook once a week on Friday mornings as we prep for next weeks upcoming show.
  • Cost —  $120 a month.
Contact — Derek AT — to learn more about becoming a beatnik booster.
Keep it B.E.A.T.

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