Why Beatnik Radio?

Beatnik Radio is on the AIR.  

Hello and welcome to Beatnik Radio … all things business, all things beat.

A podcast interview series focused on Creative Small Businesses.  Our listeners are free-thinking, big-dreaming, idea-producing, hard-working, inspiration-sharing independent business owners.  We work 16 hours a day for ourselves so we don’t have to work 8 hours a day for someone else.  We hate the man, we are the man.

  • Who: I, your host, Derek Olsen
  • What: A mostly interview-based series, focused on Creative Businesses
  • When: Recorded every Friday morning or so, released on iTunes every Monday morning or so
  • Where: Live in front of a studio audience at @oddlycorrect coffee shop, also… iTunes
  • Why:  Answer

Until next week, keep it b.e.a.t.

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