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Joshua Gordon – From a job that doesn’t fit to doing your own thing.

joshua gordon

Joshua Gordon is an awesome dude.  A dude who quit a job that wasn’t a good fit to find his own way.

Step one: Quit.

Step two: Learn how to support a family of four on only $2000 a month.  The family story can be found here.

Step three: Help cool people do amazing things AKA Marketing Awesomeness.

The story that unfolds in-between is very inspiring.  From the “weekend of coolness and skulduggery” to the “thrashing around” period and finally the “hands in the air, forget this!” moment.  Josh made it through and shares his story with us.

Part one:  The story.

Part two(out next week): What can you learn from Josh’s story and how to apply it.

Listen to part one.

Keep it B.E.A.T.

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Rick Mareske – CommUniversity at UMKC

Beatnik Radio, during the month of January 2012 is brought to you by CommUniversity at UMKC.

Take a class, teach a class…CommUniversity.

Mr. Rick Mareske is the loosely titled CEO of the UMKC CommUniversity program.  Rick has been running the show for 32 years and knows a thing or two about how CommUniversity works.  Last Friday morning, before heading out for another round of catalog deliveries Rick and I had an amazing chat over coffee at Oddly Correct.

What you might hear:

  • The history of the Free University concept.  Starting with the early roots on the Berkeley College campus.
  • What kinds of classes are offered and how to sign up.
  • How to  sign up to teaching a class.
  • CONTEST TIME!  Leave a comment on this blog post.  You will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate good towards any CommUniversity class.
  • Rick and I get way off topic discussing the local music scene.

Thanks Rick!  And Thanks CommUniversity.

Listen to this episode of Beatnik Radio here. (release date Monday, Jan 9th)

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The Minimalists – Beatnik Radio

That would be Joshua, Ryan and then me, from left, standing.

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write essays about minimalism and living a meaningful life with less stuff for more than 100,000 monthly readers.  While on a recent 33-city Meet-up tour, they found themselves in Kansas City.  Being the adventure seekers that they are, they found themselves fighting over who got the couch in my apartment the night of the Meet-up.

We managed to get a conversation down on tape.

Lots of interesting, thought provoking ideas and questions… Joshua and Ryan’s gift to the world.  Three books full of them are available.


Leave a comment right here on this blog post and you will be entered to win one of those e-books.  We spend most of our chat discussing the book titled, Essential Essays. (I have read it and it is wonderful.)

Have a listen.

Leave a comment.

Buy a book.

Keep it B.E.A.T.


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