Building and De-constructing a Robot Balloon with Brian Bustos – Beatnik Radio

Brian Bustos knows the feeling and has the cure.  When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s all up to you (but it doesn’t have to be).  You might quickly become a jack of all trades and a king of nothing.  Best described as more of a finder than a founder, an employee rather than a focused, specialized producer of great works.

Do what you set out to do – not everything but.

Brian and I chat about the struggles that new entrepreneurs face and how to manage those growing pains that come along with your hard work and success.  We chat about other fun things also…

  • How to stay focused on the work you do best and leave everything else in good hands.
  • Dirtbag Arts, a recurring event focused on local Kansas City artists (a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair).
  • The Brain hurricane, a super-secret underground Master Mind entrepreneurs group that Brian and I are members of.

Listen to our amazing chat on iTunes.

Speaking of staying focused and letting someone else take care of the other stuff…

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  Mr. Hoffman can be found at The Kansas City Accounting Firm.

Reach James here.  He’s My Accountant! – Derek

Who is next in the Beatnik Radio Book?

p.s. The Minimalists are coming to Kansas City!  Wednesday, Dec 7th at 7 pm.  This is a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair.  Stay tuned for a very exciting bonus Beatnik Radio interview with The Minimalists!

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3 thoughts on “Building and De-constructing a Robot Balloon with Brian Bustos – Beatnik Radio

  1. Speaking of robot balloons…

    A requirement for you, I believe. Great ‘cast as always.

    Does Brain do A/B testing for developing effective email marketing strategies? That could be fun, and profitable!

    Giving Brain Hurricane secrets… dangerous… and powerful.

  2. Brian Bustos says:


    That is the most terrifying post of videos I’ve ever seen, which is why I’m telling Randy @ Inflatabilities to put in an order immediately for the Ant Roach.

    About the A/B testing… yes… all the time. It’s easiest to pull that off when a company has a huge pool of subscribers. Also, companies like are beginning to create automatic A/B testing on subject lines… so basically you create two different subject lines, then they send it out to a small pool of your contacts, then the pool that responds most effectively has their subject line used for the rest of the email blast.

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