Conveniently Natural – Brian and Kim Gordon – The Newest Beatnik Radio Guests

The name says it all.

My wife Carrie and I saw the sign go up six months ago at Southwest Trafficway and 37th street.  We saw a flyer or two around town and then we decided to go for it.  We ordered a week’s worth of food, and it was delivered to our front door. It was delicious –  and super healthy!  A win, win, win.  Speaking of winning, at the end of this podcast episode, we will tell you how to enter to win a week’s worth of free food, delivered to your front door (KC metro only) from Conveniently Natural!  Sweet!

The story behind the food is even better.  The entrepreneurial couple behind the story is the best part.  Join us as I chat with Brian and Kim Gordon, founders of Conveniently Natural.

We talk about the following:

  • How Brian decided to leave a cushy job with “the fortune one company” to pursue his passion,
  • Fantastic advice from Kim on starting and running a small business,
  • Brian’s journey to discover the cure for his acid reflux, insomnia, I.B.S. and digestive issues,
  • How important it is to research and be aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

Listen to our chat on Beatnik Radio

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  Mr. Hoffman can be found at The Kansas City Accounting Firm.Reach James here.

He’s My Accountant! – Derek

Next week, how to deconstruct a Robot Ballon with Brian Bustos.  Also, what is Dirtbag Arts?

Keep it B.E.A.T.

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23 thoughts on “Conveniently Natural – Brian and Kim Gordon – The Newest Beatnik Radio Guests

  1. ryan says:

    Yet another great show from the business beat guru. This one hit the spot for me dealing with of course business and also food health. Thanks for exposing this incredible service. I hope more and more people realize the health and convenience of this. Way to act on your convictions, experience, and inspirations Gordons. Bravo all.

  2. BeatnikRadio says:

    Ryan – You are way ahead of everyone else! Good luck, I hope you win. Thanks for the kind words. Kansas City Loves You. Keep it B.E.A.T.


  3. Brian Bustos says:


    This one definitely has the potential to be the best interview thus far. Super excited to try out Conveniently Natural.

  4. Janet says:

    Getting my first Conveniently Natural delivery next week! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at CN!

    • BeatnikRadio says:

      Janet – Derek Here –

      The story behind CN is wonderful isn’t it?!? I remember during the interview being captivated by the story. Like I said during the interview, I didn’t really want to move past the story(and like Brian said, we could have done a whole podcast on how they got to where they are now) Enjoy the food and good luck during this contest, have you done all of the other tasks yet? Let me know if you need help remembering what they are!


    • Kim Gordon says:

      Janet – Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy your first week! Thanks for giving us a try.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Great podcast–thank you! Kim and Brian are a wonderful asset to the community. I’m looking forward to catching up on your other podcasts now.

    • BeatnikRadio says:

      Hey there Stephanie – Derek Here –

      I agree, Brian and Kim will find a great reward for serving Kansas City so well. It’s exciting having so many unique and creative businesses in our wonderful BIG little city isn’t it? Thanks for tuning in and good luck during the contest! (have you completed the other tasks yet?)


    • Kim Gordon says:

      Stephanie –
      Thank you so much for your kind words! We love this community and hope to contribute to making it a healthier and happier one.

  6. Renae Price says:

    Loved the podcast on Conveniently Natural that I listened to today. We’ve ordered from CN several times over the course of the summer and fall. We always find something new that we LOVE in each order. The convenience of having someone else shop and cook healthy food for us is well worth paying for!

    This is my first experience with Beatnik Radio. I’ll definitely tune back in!

    • Kim Gordon says:

      Renae – Thanks so much for your patronage and your comments! We love serving customers like you.

    • BeatnikRadio says:

      Renae- Derek Here –

      Thanks for the kind words and good luck during the contest. Have you completed all of the tasks for the contest? Check out who is coming up on the podcast on the Past, Present, Future page on the blog (there are a few you might find interesting).

      Thanks again

    • BeatnikRadio says:


      I saw your comment in iTunes. It is not too late. We are drawing the winner on Wednesday. While the podcast is playing, try dragging the little bar at the very top of the screen back and forth. Also, try right clicking in that same area at the top of the screen to pause. That worked for me.


  7. Yvette says:

    Nicely done interview. I got my first order from their Thanksgiving menu last week and it was good. Will order again.

    • BeatnikRadio says:

      Yvette- Derek Here –
      Thanks for the comment, good luck during this contest. Don’t forget about the other required tasks. Let me know if you need any help remembering or accomplishing any of the tasks.


  8. Get that Randy a Mic!

    Excited for you guys – it was great to hear about your business and your life goals.

    Also, hope the expansion to Lawrence goes well. It’ll be interesting to hear if there are any differences that pop-up between these two markets.

  9. Pam Hausner says:

    Kim and Brian have a business niche with a conscience. It’s so hard to find healthy and convenience in one place. Thanks for helping get their message out!

  10. Jim Horlacher says:

    Commenting while eating some delicious Chipotle potato salad from Conveniently Natural, so hopefully I won’t spill on the keyboard… Keep up the good work, Kim & Brian!
    Now can I be entered into the contest?

    • BeatnikRadio says:

      Jim – I am enjoying the BBQ Beef myself. And that peanut butter / chocolate dessert was crazy tasty also. Have you completed the other tasks for the contest? Like the Beatnik Radio FB page, Like the CN FB page, rate and leave a comment on beatnik radio inside iTunes. If you can pull that off in the next 2 hours, you are in!

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