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Building and De-constructing a Robot Balloon with Brian Bustos – Beatnik Radio

Brian Bustos knows the feeling and has the cure.  When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s all up to you (but it doesn’t have to be).  You might quickly become a jack of all trades and a king of nothing.  Best described as more of a finder than a founder, an employee rather than a focused, specialized producer of great works.

Do what you set out to do – not everything but.

Brian and I chat about the struggles that new entrepreneurs face and how to manage those growing pains that come along with your hard work and success.  We chat about other fun things also…

  • How to stay focused on the work you do best and leave everything else in good hands.
  • Dirtbag Arts, a recurring event focused on local Kansas City artists (a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair).
  • The Brain hurricane, a super-secret underground Master Mind entrepreneurs group that Brian and I are members of.

Listen to our amazing chat on iTunes.

Speaking of staying focused and letting someone else take care of the other stuff…

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  Mr. Hoffman can be found at The Kansas City Accounting Firm.

Reach James here.  He’s My Accountant! – Derek

Who is next in the Beatnik Radio Book?

p.s. The Minimalists are coming to Kansas City!  Wednesday, Dec 7th at 7 pm.  This is a Beatnik Radio Approved Affair.  Stay tuned for a very exciting bonus Beatnik Radio interview with The Minimalists!

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Conveniently Natural – Brian and Kim Gordon – The Newest Beatnik Radio Guests

The name says it all.

My wife Carrie and I saw the sign go up six months ago at Southwest Trafficway and 37th street.  We saw a flyer or two around town and then we decided to go for it.  We ordered a week’s worth of food, and it was delivered to our front door. It was delicious –  and super healthy!  A win, win, win.  Speaking of winning, at the end of this podcast episode, we will tell you how to enter to win a week’s worth of free food, delivered to your front door (KC metro only) from Conveniently Natural!  Sweet!

The story behind the food is even better.  The entrepreneurial couple behind the story is the best part.  Join us as I chat with Brian and Kim Gordon, founders of Conveniently Natural.

We talk about the following:

  • How Brian decided to leave a cushy job with “the fortune one company” to pursue his passion,
  • Fantastic advice from Kim on starting and running a small business,
  • Brian’s journey to discover the cure for his acid reflux, insomnia, I.B.S. and digestive issues,
  • How important it is to research and be aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

Listen to our chat on Beatnik Radio

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  Mr. Hoffman can be found at The Kansas City Accounting Firm.Reach James here.

He’s My Accountant! – Derek

Next week, how to deconstruct a Robot Ballon with Brian Bustos.  Also, what is Dirtbag Arts?

Keep it B.E.A.T.

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The Minimalists Are Coming to Kansas City! (and to a city near you)

The Minimalists, being minimal.

A Beatnik Radio Approved Event.

The Minimalists are going on tour! They are coming to Kansas City on Wednesday, Dec 7th at 7 PM. Location = The Roasterie Cafe in Brookside, 6223 Brookside Blvd. They have agreed to a short interview on Beatnik Radio. These guys are great. They just came out with two great e-books:

Book 1: Minimalism: Essential Essays: An edited collection of 29 of our favorite essays about living a more meaningful life with less stuff. This 133-page collection also contains a special forward by Joshua and Ryan, as well as two bonus essays you can’t find anywhere else.

The book is organized into seven interconnected themes:

  1. Living in the Moment
  2. Emotional Health
  3. Growth
  4. Contribution
  5. Passion and Mission
  6. Taking Action
  7. Change and Experimentation

ONLY $3.99 Check it out

Book 2: Falling While Sitting Down: Stories

Writing and reading literary fiction has been my passion for a long time. I’ve worked incredibly hard this year writing the best fiction of my life—I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life.

While I work through multiple revisions and drafts of my novel, As a Decade Fades, I decided to publish four of my favorite stories (some long, some short). As a bonus, this collection features three great stories from three of my friends: Colin Wright, Chase Night, and Mark D. Robertson.

This book is is deliberately short (about 25,000 words). Its seven stories can be read in just a few sittings (or one story at a time if you prefer). Although this collection is short, it is filled with meaningful content.

About the Book

What does it mean to be human? How does a person find meaning in his or her life?

The first four stories in this collection, written by Joshua Fields Millburn, discuss the struggles we face as we attempt to discover the meaning of our lives.

In It’s All So Quiet in Brooklyn—this collection’s longest piece—we watch a young but aging musician as he approaches 30 and finds himself coping with loneliness and depression in the aftermath of several life-changing events. He feels utterly alone, so he leaves Ohio to search for meaning in the most unlikely place: Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

A Radically Attenuated History of Generation X is, as the title suggests, an incredibly short story that attempts to summarize a particular ethos for an entire generation through the eyes of two characters on a dinner date.

The title story, Falling While Sitting Down, follows an unnamed boy through eighteen years of growing up in an extraordinarily dysfunctional family, showing the emotional muscles it takes to survive such circumstances (this piece is the closest thing to autobiographical fiction I’ve ever written).

The collection’s final story, The Loneliest Man in the World, considers the loneliness and real-life costs of poor relationship decisions from the point of view of a particularly troubled man.

3 Bonus Stories by 3 Talented Young Writers

Also only $3.99 Check it out

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus write essays about minimalism and living a meaningful life with less stuff.

The Mimimalists are Beatnik Radio Approved.

Check them out here and come meet them on Dec 7th.

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KC Job Seekers – Mark Van Baale –

Mark Van Baale is passionate about getting job seekers and employers in touch with each other.  If you are looking for work or looking for a few great team members for your business, Mark’s blog KC Job Seekers is the place to be.

Mark and I talk about the importance of:

  • Networking and networking events
  • Blogging
  • The job search process
  • The future of The KC Job Seekers Blog
  • Building community
  • #hirefriday

This blog was started by Mark Van Baale with a purpose to help job seekers and provide information and resources for those who are unemployed/within career transition in the Kansas City area. Information about career workshops, classes, seminars, career fairs, networking events, etc. will be posted on this blog. In addition, job leads are often posted on the Job Leads page (majority are marketing, social media, or web related openings).

Contact Mark at if you wish to have job search related info posted on this blog.

Listen to this episode of beatnik radio

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.

Hes my Accountant! -Derek

Small business owners struggle with bookkeeping, tax, and financial issues every day. Not only are these things time-consuming, failure to stay on top of these can be a threat to your security and viability. That’s why I became a small business accountant.  – James

Tune in next week for a chance to win a weeks worth of food, delivered to your front door!

Check out Conveniently Natural and listen in next week.


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Simon says, “Start with ‘Why?'”

About a month ago, I found Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start With Why,” AKA “The Golden Circle.”

About 7 minutes later, everything made sense and everything changed.

I watched Simon’s TED talk video in-between recording Beatnik Radio #4 and #5.  Starting with #5 is when I put the questions in the order of Why, How, What.  I changed the entire focus of my interview process to mirror the Start With Why or ‘Golden Circle’ method.  I did not explain what was happening during #5, I did however explained this during #6.  I think a short explanation helps a lot in this context.

A funny thing happened.  When I was prepping Graham Ripple for #6, Graham told me that he had seen that same TED talk about a year ago.  He explained that it changed everything about how he and his team at approached the entire marketing process.  They literally drew out a Golden Circle and restructured their efforts around it.  It shows in the video on

Listen to what we say about it at the beginning and during the out-takes at the very end of our chat.

Thanks Simon!

Brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.

Email —

He’s my Accountant! -Derek

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Graham Ripple from Life Equals — Beatnik Radio — Episode # 6 11-7-2011

Graham and I chat about the Life = Life Project and how you can Give Health to another just by getting healthy yourself.  A brief discussion about adult onesies (you know, pajamas).  Mr. Ripple dishes out some seriously good advice to other small business owners along the way.

This episode of Beatnik Radio is brought to you by James Hoffman Accounting.  

” Small business owners struggle with bookkeeping, tax, and financial issues every day. Not only are these things time-consuming, they can be a threat to your security and viability. That’s why I became a small business accountant. My 20 years in small business taught me the hard way that staying on top of accounting can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why you need an accountant that understands what your needs are.” -James

  • My services are affordable for small businesses
  • I can do Peachtree, Quickbooks and tailor spreadsheets for your needs.
  • Short and long term budgeting and tax planning for individuals and businesses available
  • Monthly cash budgeting and financial statements help you get a snapshot of your position and help you plan
  • Payroll for up to 25 employees available with a no fault guarantee.
Email – – Kansas City Accounting Firm

He’s my accountant! – Derek

More about Life =

A simple but profound idea: a better you creates a better world. Or, in other words, LIFE=LIFE.

In early 2009, three friends, Kyle and Abigail FitzGerald, and Graham Ripple, met in a Kansas City coffee shop to catch up in the midst of their busy lives. Their conversation soon turned to the difficulty of keeping up with the demands of their full-time jobs, busy personal lives and responsibilities of their small business.  They wanted a healthy product that conveniently provided focus and energy without the sugar and calories. Unsatisfied with available products they created the first of the Life Equals products: LIFE= Focus+Energy.  As they shared their original formula with friends, they heard story after story of its benefit in their friends’ lives. From that initial inspiration, they began crafting products that provide healthy solutions to everyday problems.
In that original conversation over coffee, an important question was asked: Could they use this product to somehow help not only those who directly take it, but also the global community at large?  That idea just made sense: as your life improves, you can improve the world around you. A better you creates a better world.  A few months later, a conversation about the needs of a small orphanage in Mozambique peaked their interest. In addition to clothing, the orphanage needed simple children’s multivitamins. As Kyle, Graham and Abby researched the role of supplements in developing countries, they found that multivitamins were necessary but both expensive and largely inaccessible.

They created the LIFE=LIFE Project – For every purchase you make, Life Equals will provide an equal amount of children’s multivitamins to an undernourished child through our partnership with Vitamin Angels. LIFE=LIFE one vitamin at a time.  Out of the idea that a changed world comes from changed individuals, Life Equals was born. Life Equals continues to strive to make the world a better place by empowering our customers to live better lives and participate in the needs of our world.
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I believe in…

The Wife (Carrie) and I

I believe in..

  • …what I am doing
  • …playing an active role in my future
  • …praying about it like it is all up to God
  • …working at it like it is all up to me
  • …making bold moves and taking risks
  • …time management
  • …doing what I love
  • …myself
  • …the reasons why I do the things that I do
Do you believe in these things for yourself?  If so, let me know.  If not, what gets you up and out of bed every morning?
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